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How to Apply Natural Looking Makeup

Want to achieve that natural make-up look? Before you start, make sure your face has been cleaned, toned, and moisturized. Remember, you’ll get a much better natural looking results when applying make-up on a clean face. Let’s begin with the eyes. Did you know 9 out of 10 people have dark circles in their eyes? Don’t be surprised, you are not alone.
Now, tilt your head down and locate where your dark circles are. Let’s begin with the right eye. Take your favorite concealer and apply it gently on the dark circle using your ring ringer. Make sure you blend in the concealer in a rolling motion to make it look natural.
I’m using my ring finger because we need to be delicate to our under eyes. Some people might prefer using a brush or sponge though. You should use whatever tool works best for you too. Now, let’s do the left eye. Locate, dab on and blend the concealer using a rolling motion. Remember, we are not trying to erase the dark circles; we’re only trying to make it less obvious.
After the eyes, we also need to conceal the other areas of the face. Take a face brush and apply mineral concealer lightly around the face. Concentrate on areas where the skin tends to be very red; it could be around the nose and the mouth. Blend the mineral concealer using a circular motion. We are doing this to even out our skin tone.
After the concealer, we move on to the foundation. Evenly coat your foundation brush with a mineral based foundation. Starting at the center of your face, blend in the foundation evenly using a circular motion. Don’t forget to include your jaw line and neck.

This mineral product that I’m using is very natural so it won’t clog the pores. And it works very well for me.
We are now moving on to the eyebrows. Eyebrows can be a little tricky. The rule of thumb is to use eyebrow make-up that’s three shades lighter than your hair color. I usually use powder make-up for my eyebrows. When applying it, I usually go from light to dark. Remember, you want to make it look very natural, as if it’s your real eyebrows. So make sure you blend it properly.
There are lots of eyeliner varieties you can choose from. You can either use eyeliner in pencil, powder, or liquid form. I personally use liquid eyeliner. If you want a naturally clean look, line only the top part of your eyelids. Make sure you evenly line both your eyes.
Before applying any mascara on, be sure you curl your lashes first. When you’ve done that, take your mascara and evenly coat both your lashes. There are different types of mascara brands. But if you want something that holds curls very well, I suggest you go for waterproof mascara since it contains more wax.
Using blush is a great way to achieve that natural looking glow. To apply blush properly, find the apples of your cheeks by smiling. Hold that smile and apply your blush. Make sure you blend it gently on your cheeks; also along the jaw line and the forehead as well for that all natural glow.
By this time, you should be done with your make up. And the last step is the lips. Find your favorite lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm and use that. In my case, I’m using lipstick. It is quite fun to experiment with lip color. Find different lipstick shades that compliment your face, skin tone, your features and even your outfits.
I like applying a bit lip gloss to achieve a touch of shine. So now, we’re pretty much done with our natural looking make-up.
It’s time to look in the mirror to check how successful you are with achieving the natural look!
Applying make up in a perfect way is also a talent. Make up should be applied in such a way that you look beautiful as well as natural. Everyone in this world wants to look beautiful and applying make up in the best way just adds to your beauty and if overdone, it ruins your beauty. The make up kit you use needs to be from a trusted brand. Don’t compromise on your make up kits, because cheap and untrustworthy make ups might ruin your skin. Always go for the best make up kits mostly recommended by dermatologists.

Applying make up starts with cleaning your face properly before doing anything. After cleaning, you need to apply some good moisturizer on your face. While applying make up, to get the best and the most natural look, you need to choose the foundation color which best suits your skin tone. Foundation applied on your face always needs to merge with your skin, so choose a foundation which best suits skin tone. After applying a good foundation, you need to apply good concealer on your face and then some good face powder should be applied. Blush if applied to the cheeks just adds to your beauty.
Applying make up to the eye is also tricky and you need to learn how to apply the best make up to your eye to make them look amazing. You need to put good eyeliner. Eye shadow color also needs to be chosen as per the occasion and color of your dress. Good lash curler and brow pencil if applied properly look great on your face. Your make up can’t be perfect without good lip color, gloss and lip liner. Following good make up tips to apply make up on your face really catch you lot of attention from everyone.

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